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Mount Hope Stables Current standing three studs.

Mount Hope Stables offers live Coverage and AI with LFG. LFG if unfortunate event happen and a live foal it not procuded due to natural causes. With the LFG offered buyer would receive a  new breeding to same mare within the same year unless to late in the season or the very next year. If AI was used, buyer must pay only for cost of recollection plus shippping fees and any travel arrangements made more then 120 miles round trip. Incoming mares must have coggins, mare care will be charged for those needing boarding at $250/month with payment due the 1st of every mont, late charges of 10 dollars a day will apply after a ten day grace period . Mares are to be checked to be in foal prior leaving Mount Hope Stables. Buyer is responsible for cost of vet check for pregnancy.